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World Poker Tour

Poker's everywhere nowadays even on your Xbox but does WPT lay down a Royal Flush or a pair of deuces?

Poker. It's everywhere at the moment. TV, newspapers, magazines. And why not? Not only is it the king of card games, but there's tons of money to be made playing it against drunk, rich Americans on the internet.

Of course, playing for real money can be intimidating, which is why, on the one hand, World Poker Tour is great, allowing you to play a few rounds of Texas hold 'em across Xbox Live without losing any real pennies. The interface is simple, the graphics are far better than anything you get on real internet Poker sites, and the presentation and options far outstrip anything seen in nearest Xbox rival Bicycle Casino.


But if you don't have Live, World Poker Tour is little more than a glorified game of cards against the computer. It does put a lot of effort into catering for the single player, with a full career mode and several real-life players to challenge, but it won't take long for any half-decent player to figure out how to exploit the somewhat basic AI. A nice little package overall though, with plenty of tutorials, and decent enough for getting some practice in before you hit the money tables for real.

The verdict

A great way of playing online poker for free, but as an offline method of poker practice it's merely okay.

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