King Kong saves the apes

Ubisoft unveils alternate ending for Peter Jackson's King Kong and the monkey makes it home safe and well

If you don't already now how the King Kong movie ends then don't come running to us if we don't bother putting in a spoiler warning in this first paragraph. You've had since 1933 to find out that the gorilla bites it before the credits role.

Now though, all that's about to change as Ubisoft has revealed the game of the movie remake actually features an alternate ending, sanctioned by Peter Jackson, where Kong makes it back to Skull Island safe and well.

"I wanted the game to be able to take the audience a bit further than what the film could," said Peter Jackson, who collaborated closely with game designer Michel Ancel on the project. "And the final climax of the game gave us an opportunity to do something that the film could not do, which was to have an alternate ending - obviously everybody pretty much knows how King Kong ends."

If you want to experience Jackson and Ancel's re-imagination of the famous movie climax, you need to have finished the game once already. Then, simply play through it again and notch up an apparently not-very-difficult-to-achieve 250,000 points. If only all wildlife preservation was that easy.