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Watch Sonic Team live on webcam!

We can see some stuffed toys, some oranges, a BAFTA award and a dancing Christmas Tree.

To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Phantasy Star Online this month (has it been that long?) developer Sonic Team has set up "PSO Live," a series of webcams on which you can watch their exciting work antics totally live.

Whilst we're yet to see something quite as exciting as a drunken brawl or daring strip-tease, we have seen a Phantasy Star Universe demo roll, and someone walk past the webcam. As un-thrilling as this may sound, we're totally captivated by the developer's luscious orange-laden office space and bizarre group model-making sessions.

You too can join in the fun by clicking over to the Japanese PSO anniversary site and locating one of the two available webcams. If you're as lucky as we are, you might even get to see a live Sonic Team puppet show.