Call of Duty 2 storms 2006 with new content

Multiplayer maps and anti-cheat PunkBuster to debut following fans' demands for enhanced multiplayer PC support

Call of Duty 2 is going 'great guns' if you'll pardon the pun as both a splendid PC shooter and probably the first 'must have' Xbox 360 launch title this year.

However not all has been rosy in the garden of developers Infinity Ward, despite widespread critical and commercial acclaim for the title. Yup, we were hit by that 360 bug which wiped out all our missions (though not too a severe blow since we get to play them all again).

However of more concern to IW and Activision was the recent proposed fan strike by Call of Duty 2 PC fans, who were less than chuffed with the game's multiplayer support. Specifically the fans wanted, nay demanded, more support for the modding and map building community, anti-cheat software and info on when the first PC patch would be available.

Well it seems Infinity Ward and Activision have at least listened to the fans' demands as they've just officially confirmed a PC patch, new multiplayer maps, the integration of the anti-cheat software PunkBuster and 'support enhancement' in a CoD2 release that is currently projected for early 2006.

Grant Collier, president of Infinity Ward said: "Our team is committed to supporting Call of Duty fans. We've worked hard to deliver the most epic and immersive experience ever with Call of Duty 2 and look forward to delivering new content such as multiplayer maps, tools and anti-cheat software that will further enhance the gameplay experience."

Although there's little acknowledgment for the fans in the statement, the release is undoubtedly in response to fan pressure and the Infinity Ward forums are abuzz with reaction, mostly positive it has to be said with a little debate over the how PunkBuster will be used. Still it's always nice to see developers respond to fans' legitimate concerns and we look forward to some more CoD2 multiplayer carnage in the New Year.