EA's Xmas Xbox Battlefield 2 treat

New Battlefield 2: Modern Combat maps and features are now available to download via Live

EA has announced that owners of Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the Xbox can now download the special Warsome Booster Pack, featuring brand-new maps and additions to the game.

The Booster Pack is available for download free of charge from today, via Xbox Live, and contains three new maps: Wake Island, Middle East and the snowy northern China.

If that wasn't enough, there're also brand new vehicles, including attack snowmobiles with dual-mounted machine guns, assault vans armed with mini-guns, modified pickup trucks with .50-cal armament and a RIB boat with four open positions. Finally, you can kit your soldiers out in winter camouflage if you so choose.

EA claims the new material is worth ten dollars, but as it's Christmas, you can download it for nothing.