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Far Cry Instincts in new Xbox 360 prettiness?

Welcome to the jungle! We've got upgraded graphics and new missions! Everything you need!

Far Cry Instincts is easily one of the most visually pleasing games on the original Xbox, so the thought of a new Xbox 360 re-imagining of Jack Carver's adventures can only make us dizzy with excitement.

According to US magazine Game Informer the jungle-stealth shooter is indeed heading to Microsoft's next-gen console, complete with new mission packs and presumably taking advantage of the 360's beefy hardware with some spiffy new graphical tweaks.

The publication cites leaked retail release lists as their original source, with further contact with Ubisoft officially confirming the title. The game has also appeared as listing on some online retailers, however, when we spoke to the UK arm of the publisher all we got was an ambiguous "no comment."

If the retail release listing is true then you'll be able to exchange cash for an Xbox 360 version of Far Cry Instincts in March in the US, but we'll have to wait for official confirmation to be sure when it'll appear on these shores.