Xbox Live rings in Fight Night Round 3 demo

Ding ding! Get yourself on Xbox Live to download an Xbox 360 demo of EA's sweaty new boxing game.

It's time to rev up your Xbox 360 because the Fight Night Round 3 demo has just landed on Xbox Live as a free download. There's no need to put on a pair of leopard-print shorts to enjoy the demo, but what you do in your spare time is really up to you.

The demo of Electronic Art's latest hard-hitting boxer weighs in at a hefty 486MB - easily enough to scare off all but the bulkiest of opponents in pre-match news conferences. Also rumoured to be hitting Xbox Live soon is a demo of Sega's excellent car-combat game Full Auto, which is already available from the current issue of the delectable Official Xbox 360 Magazine.

Fight Night Round 3 prances in to shops in March. Lunch time seems hours away and we've not had a chance to download the demo, so let us know if it rings your bell in the comments section below.