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Conquering new Age of Empires DS screens

The Veteran RTS franchise makes its way onto Nintendo's DS in the form of The Age of Kings, but does it look any good?

From the very beginning, Nintendo's DS seemed like the perfect platform for a good RTS game so, unsurprisingly, we were chuffed to hear that veteran RTS series Age of Empires was making its way to the handheld.

The new screenshots we've got on the page seem to suggest that Age of Empires: The Age of Kings has gone the way of handheld classic Advance Wars, taking a new turn-based RTS approach - not quite what we were anticipating, but still.

Expectations aside, the promise of full online multiplayer via Nintendo's Wi-fi Connection service alongside the series' trademark addictive gameplay means we've got one eye firmly secured on this bit of crumpet. Age of Empires: The Age of Kings storms into stores on March 10.