GTA: Liberty City Stories tells PS2 tales

Grand Theft Auto 3 port with knobs on getting ported over to PS2 for debut later this year, plus more Rockstar PSP games to come

As far as killer franchises go, they don't come much bigger than Grand Theft Auto. In fact, so huge is the series' popularity that many were predicting that the arrival of Liberty City Stories for PSP would be the game to kick Sony's shimmering handheld into the sales stratosphere.

Although Rockstar's update of the original fully-3D GTA 3 failed to light up the charts in the same way as San Andreas and Vice City before it, the game still did more than respectably, reaching number 2 in the all formats charts - not too shabby for a handheld game.

Given the game's success, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise then that Take-Two Interactive has announced in its latest financial report that Liberty City Stories is set to recieve the full port treatment, arriving on PS2 later this year. Whether or not Rockstar plans to implement new content for Liberty City Stories isn't clear, but we'd hope for either that or a budget-style price point given the game's based on a four year-old PS2 title, albeit with new missions and multiplayer support.

Also reinterated in Take-Two financial rundown is the previously announced second new GTA title, also due to hit PSP later this year. Although the company's once again remaining tight-lipped about the exact nature of the game, murmurings around the 'net seem to have all money placed on an updated version of GTA: Vice City for your handheld delectation (although the report does describe the game as "all-new"). Also in the works from Rockstar is a PSP title "based on a new brand for the Xbox 360 and a sequel of a Rockstar brand". That'll probably be Red Dead Revolver 2 then or something. Blam!