Nintendo skirts around Zelda Rev rumours

NGC article "pure speculation" according to Nintendo - but it's not quite a flat-out denial

If we had a whiteboard and non-permanent marker, we'd happily whisk up an overly complicated bar graph demonstrating how the internet x speculation + rumour = the driving force behind the videogames industry. Or something like that - maths was never our strong point. Anyway, one of our favourite rumours of late stemmed from NGC magazine, hinting that the GameCube's forthcoming Zelda: Twilight Princess would make use of the Revolution's wand-controller if the game was popped into its next-gen slot.

Now though, Nintendo has circulated an official statement to us journos in direct response to the claims - and it goes something like this: "The article in the January edition of NGC Magazine is pure speculation. Nintendo have made no new announcements regarding The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. We can however confirm that the game is still in development and that it will launch on Nintendo GameCube in 2006." (It also concludes with "Have a good weekend", but you probably didn't need to know that).

Now, read that closely. You'll notice, despite it's clever wording, there's nothing even approaching a flat-out denial of the NGC rumours. All we've been served with is confirmation that Nintendo has yet to make any official announcement that might prove or disprove the claims.

We like the idea of a do-it-yourself sword-swinging Zelda so much that we're happy to imagine that Nintendo's just keeping this one close to its chest for the time being. Of course, while we wait for that decisive "yay" or "nay", we can rest easy knowing that Zelda: Twilight Princess is still firmly scheduled for GameCube release later this year.