Zelda is "hardcore" says Miyamoto

The father of Mario on the "hardcore" Zelda: Twilight Princess. Could violence and destruction be the order of the day?

Only a Zelda game has the power to draw us away from worshipping at our office-constructed Miyamoto shrine, and according to the big man himself Link's next adventure will be more "hardcore" than ever before. Whatever that means.

Talking to popular bathroom supplement Maxim, the magazine cheekily asked Miyamoto whether he was ever tempted to throw Nintendo's life-long family games policy out the window once in a while and whisk up titles with mature-rated content. Obviously, being the company's most widely-revered mouthpiece, Miyamoto skirted around the issue slightly, responding with:

"I would say the games that we're working on now, like the new Zelda, Twilight Princess, has hardcore content. And if you look at the Revolution's controllers, there's a nunchaku-style controller expansion that's really well suited to first-person shooters."

Well that's it then kids, you're going to have to get a fake ID from your mate Dave who smokes cigarettes behind the French block. Zelda: Twilight Princess is going to be a hard-hitting, prostitute-murdering, drug-taking mature epic. Either that or it's going to be playing with themes darker than your average wind-waker - let's not forget that "mature" doesn't necessarily equate to grislier here.

It's interesting that Miyamoto also comments on the Revolution's nunchaku-style attachment by way of response to the question. His sentiments seemingly echo those of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, who has previously spoken of the company's stated aim to reach a wider audience of gamers with the Revolution. In the Revolution controller's TGS unveiling, Iwata explained how the nunchaku-attachment would be ideal for FPS's on the system, presumably to peak the interest of those who absolutley must butcher people with virtual shotguns in the name of fun.

You can be assured that the next time Shigeru Miyamoto speaks in public, we will report it as fast as our delicate hands can type.