System Shock revived?

Latest reports from the US suggest a new System Shock could be in the works for next-gen

The System Shock series (both 1&2) were widely acknowledged as classics of the action adventure genre, setting standards in atmosphere and tension that have proved a benchmark ever since.

The first System Shock game appeared way back in 1994 (with Irrational and the much lamented Looking Glass's follow up released in 1999) and now just over ten years later, would seem a pretty appropriate time for a third instalment of the Shock series.

For those of you who don't remember the originals, System Shock cast you as a lone hacker battling against a demented HAL-style computer called SHODAN on a Space Station from your darkest nightmares. Deep on innovation and atmosphere, System Shock 2 proved a worthy sequel in almost every respect and fans and golden oldies who remember both titles fondly, have been calling for the series' resurrection ever since.

Now it looks like our wishes may have been granted as Electronic Arts has apparently renewed the trademark protection on the title over in the US which would suggest they're remaking a new version or at least planning one. We're gonna try and follow this one up to get further details but it at least looks promising and we'd have to bet on a next generation version being a distinct possibility.

We're certainly hoping so and we'll be putting in a quick missive to EA to find out the veracity of this rumour. Here's hoping.