Chaos Theory maps sneak in

Latest Splinter Cell gets new multiplayer maps almost a half-year behind schedule

You may - or may not - remember that way back in September 2005 Ubisoft made available two new Xbox Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory maps, only to swiftly remove them from servers. It's been almost half a year of wait since, but the maps are finally back online in an update for the sequel.

Included in the update are two new co-operative maps, one set in the UN Headquarters and the other a Nuclear Plant. In addition there's also a new standard multiplayer map called 'Polar Base', which is now available for download on Xbox Live.

And now a warning: the official Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory forum is alive with reports from Xbox 360 users who are having problems playing the new maps on the next-gen console. Users are complaining that the game either crashes or refuses to load entirely when played on Microsoft's new macinhe. Chaos Theory was added to Microsoft's list of Xbox 360 backwards compatable games only last month.

Ubisoft was unable to comment on if or how this issue will be addressed, but in the meantime you can enjoy the new multiplayer maps on your original Xbox, safely away from the shimmering menus and HD loveliness of the Xbox 360.