Fritz Chess 9

Erm, it's chess

Some people believe that chess is the definitive tactical game (they obviously haven't played SWAT 4 online with us), and for those poor souls, Fritz Chess 9 claims to be "the ultimate chess videogame". We don't know if that makes you as excited as we are, but with this epic piece of software, we can finally challenge our PC hardware head-on, and send it fleeing with its tail between its legs.

With an improved and more powerful chess engine, Fritz Chess 9 promises to be "the best chess-playing game available". Unfortunately, despite what the bearded ones say, a chess simulator is about as thrilling as a night at the bingo with your gran. Played in either a 3D or top-down view, the game's engine throws around more tactical data than Jose Mourinho's blackboard, in addition to an annoying coach who warns you every time you make a stupid move. And don't worry if you're a chess virgin - there's a wealth of tutorial videos to guide the uneducated through this riveting Russian pastime too.


Fritz Chess 9 is designed to teach and train chess players, and should be treated as such. If you're looking for an authentic chess xperience, we suggest getting a real chessboard. That way you can experience all of the cold stares and inevitable post-match scuffles that come with this wonderful game.

The verdict

Chess is as chess does