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Project Zero 3 screams! Er, screens!

Tecmo reveals more shots from its upcoming snap-and-cack survival horror Project Zero 3: The Tormented. Wooooooooo

We've never really got on with cameras, us. Despite the shining visages of beauty that we all are at CVG, all our snaps prove we're about as photogenic as the arse end of gibbon. Seriously, our holiday snaps would give you the fear.

Which is our patented long-rambling way of introducing some new screens for Tecmo's upcoming survival horror follow-up, Project Zero 3: The Tormented. Because, you have to take photos of horrific monsters to make them go away, just in case you were failing to see the link.

We're huge fans of the Project Zero series, with the games' Ringu-inspired scares and genuinely unsettling atmosphere, so we're looking forward to getting our hands on part three, this time featuring three playable characters, some craziness about evil tattoos and enough wailing monstrosities to make you crap your bowels clean out of your body.


Project Zero 3: The Tormented screams into European stores on February 24 - in the meantime, enjoy the shots!