Bill Gates

Microsoft's founder cornered for a chat about Xbox 360 and the future of videogaming

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Is there anything about the original Xbox that you wish Microsoft had done differently - design, marketing, hardware? Was there a specific key lesson that was learned and then applied to Xbox 360?

Bill Gates: With Xbox, we were definitely learning on the job. With Xbox 360, we've been able to create a console that draws heavily on those four years of experience - one that is both stunningly designed and technologically capable of powering the digital entertainment lifestyle. We've also ensured that we've 'future-proofed' this console, which will make it an integral part of home entertainment centres for years to come.

Xbox 360 appears to be a definite step towards your vision of the digital entertainment home and lifestyle. Any hints on what we can expect in our digital entertainment future?

Bill Gates: Xbox 360 is the fusion of raw technological power and elegant design at an affordable price. There's a lot of talk about killer apps, but as far as I'm concerned, Xbox 360 is the killer app for any HDTV setup.

What single feature of the Xbox 360 hardware excites you most?

Bill Gates: I'm really excited about the three processor cores that IBM developed for Xbox 360. It enables game developers to create amazing, sweeping environments, lifelike AI, realistic physics, richer worlds and stunning visual clarity. Then there's Xbox Live, which is more than just about games - it's about all the people who power new and exciting gameplay experiences.

If you could design your own game for the Xbox 360, what would you make? What does Bill Gates want to play?

Bill Gates: Xbox 360 is designed with every gamer in mind. So in that respect, the system is designed as much for me as for other gamers. What do I want to play? I want to play Kameo and Perfect Dark Zero. I want to play PGR3.

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