Mercs 2? Plus Gun and True Crime bite the dust?

Latest rumours swirling out the US ether suggest Mercenaries 2 is on the way, but Gun and True Crime could be binned...

It apparently wasn't a stellar Christmas over in the US in terms of sales for Activision and latest reports from US sites are now suggesting that two of its franchises, Wild West free-roaming yeehaaaw-'em-up Gun and GT-also True Crime, may be facing the chop.

Gun and True Crime: New York City both under performed in the busiest holiday season over in the US and GameSpot says it has spoken to a 'well placed source' who says both franchises face the axe, with True Crime almost certainly relegated to the dustbin of history. Gun's future is only slightly more rosy, with the publisher apparently pondering whether it should hitch up its horse and get outta town.

However, by way of compensation, LucasArts' splendid Mercenaries looks set to get a sequel if other unconfirmed rumours are to be believed. For us it's almost a no-brainer, as the game not only achieved critical acclaim but went on to sell by the bucketload and we'd be more surprised if work on a sequel wasn't already well underway. In fact, LucasArts' own Chris Susen seemed to hint as much in our interview from last year when he indicated a multiplayer version of Mercenaries could be a priority in future iterations of the title.

Although the game appeared on Xbox and PS2 last time, you'd have to figure next-gen versions will be a priority this time around, with Xbox 360 probably the first to debut given the console's already out and hunting killer titles.