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System Shock 3 rumours gather pace

EA said to be working on a project it's referring to as System Shock 3, publisher keeps lips firmly sealed

New reports focussing on the System Shock franchise have added weight to speculation that a third title in the respected series is heading our way.

Recent news on EA's renewal of trademark protection on the System Shock intellectual property kicked off a new round of System Shock 3 chatter, and now website is claiming to have received word from a reliable source that the publisher is indeed currently working on a game that's being referred to as System Shock 3. No further information was given.

We contacted EA's UK arm about these latest reports and unsurprisingly it came back with a "no comment". Which means we'll still have to treat it all as rumour and speculation for now, but fans of the original game and follow-up System Shock 2 must be falling to their knees and praying it all turns out to be true.

System Shock cast you as a lone hacker battling against a demented computer called SHODAN on a space station from your worst nightmare. Brimming with innovation and atmosphere, System Shock 2 proved a worthy sequel in almost every respect.