Rainbow Six goes critical on Xbox and PS2

Ubisoft unveils Critical Hour, which boasts 'R6 classic' content along with brand new original offerings

Rainbow Six: Critical Hour is the latest instalment in the tactical shooter series on PS2 and Xbox and, according to Ubisoft, marks a return to the franchise's hardcore tactical-strategy roots - something which the PC gaming fraternity will be more than familiar with.

Critical Hour, due spring 2006, is a combination of original content and 'Rainbow Six classic' stuff. A brand new single-player campaign, new missions and multiplayer levels are accompanied by seven missions from the original Rainbow Six and R6: Rogue Spear on PC - all hand-picked by fans of the series. Naturally, the old missions are being revamped to take advantage of current-gen technology.


Considering Critical Hour is a return to Rainbow Six gameplay of yore, expect a slower-paced affair than you might have experienced on R6 console iterations previously, along with an enhanced combat model and plenty of pre-mission strategic planning in preparation for the op. Missions will take you on a globe-spanning adventure as you tackle terrorist threats across the likes of Idaho, Venice, Mexico City and Siberia.

Revealing more on the advanced combat model, Ubisoft says: "Choose your steps wisely as your actions could mean the difference between life and death. Weapon accuracy is affected by in-game manoeuvres and events such as running, crouching, standing still or firing while injured." Cripes. In total, there'll be 23 weapons of typical cutting-edge type and high-tech equipment to employ.

Finally, Critical Hour features 16 multiplayer levels, with Ubisoft saying that game modes include the "revolutionary" Persistent Elite Creation mode as well as new modes Assassin and Free-for-All.