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Rachel Weisz to voice Lara Croft?

Is the Mummy actress set to voice the famous Tomb Raider heroine in Legend? Reports would seem to suggest so...

Over the years, we've seen many talented ladies stepping into the shoes of Miss Lara Croft thanks to her inevitable annual appearance at trade shows across the globe (until it all went horribly wrong with Angel of Darkness, of course). Now though, reports are suggesting actress Rachel Weisz will be taking up the task of voicing the Tomb Raider star in the upcoming Tomb Raider: Legend.

Magazine PSM reports that the actress, who's previously starred in The Mummy and Constantine films, will be providing all of Miss Croft's grunts of groans in the game, swiping the role from voice actor Jonell Elliott, who provided Lara's crisp British accent for Last Revelation, Chronicles and Angel of Darkness.

Personally we'd welcome the arrival of Miss Wiesz to 'Legend with open arms, as it could be seen as further proof that the veteran action series is about to achieve an overdue return to form under the lofty direction of Crystal Dynamics (that and we'd just quite like her in our open arms).

Tomb Raider: Legend is set to hit stores some time this spring.