Enemy Territory: Quake Wars

Exclusive: Splash Damage's lead designer Paul Wedgwood reveals all on the epic Quake-inspired humans versus Strogg online blaster

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Once the game's out, will you release tools so people can build maps?

Paul Wedgwood: It's an id Software game, and they have a fantastic reputation for releasing software development kits and level design tools. We only exist as a result of id Software releasing those tools. For Quake Wars, we started from the beginning wanting to produce a toolset that level designer and mod makers in the community would find really easy to use. As far as I'm aware the plan from id Software is to release these tools in exactly the same way as before.

Will that be around about release?

Paul Wedgwood: Generally speaking, you still want to put your tools through some sort of QA cycle but it's a slightly lower priority than the game. But for id Software... I mean, with Doom 3 it was almost on the release date of Doom 3 that they came out with the tools and things so it really does depend on id.

Marvellous, thanks for you time

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