Prey website live, 'new' screen

Internet gives birth to official web home of Human Head Studios' forthcoming PC and Xbox 360 FPS

The official website for first-person shooter Prey has gone live. Cool, huh? And, erm, that's pretty much the news here other than that the birth of the site has spewed forth a screenshot that you may not have clapped eyes on before - which we've uploaded here. We've certainly not run it previously although it does look strangely familiar. Strangely.

Sorry, it's Friday afternoon and our brains are beginning to melt. Anyway, just for the benefit of anyone recently returning to Earth following alien abduction, Prey relates the tale of Cherokee garage mechanic Tommy, who funnily enough gets abducted onto an alien mothership himself. A reluctant hero, he finds himself in the unenviable situation of having to save our lovely world from death and destruction, but luckily Tommy's long forgotten spiritual powers awaken to help him win the day.