Armageddon the new MK when it's out

Next installment in the veteran fighting franchise to feature over 60 playable characters, along with new Fatality system

Back in the early nineties Mortal Kombat was gripped us with giggly wide-eyed glee, thanks to its buckets of blood and gory fatalities. Now that we're all over the age of fifteen though, we've realised that a decent fighter needs to offer more than just comedy gut-busting. It's a good thing then that the next Mortal Kombat is set to feature some exciting new gameplay options.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, the next installment in the series, was recently unveiled by US magazine Game Informer and is set to feature over sixty playable characters, meaning you'll be able to kick, punch and slap your way through the game as practically any of the series' infamous combatants.

Also featured in Armageddon is an extensive character creation mode and a brand new Fatality system, promising to make those legendary finishing moves more interactive. Instead of simply watching your character rip spine from body, you'll now be given an allotted time to execute various moves, justifying even more merciless glee when you grind your opponent to a bloody pulp.

Mortal Kombat: Armageddon punches its way on to PS2 and Xbox this October.