Dragon Quest Yuji wants Rev to Horii up

Yuji Horii, Dragon Quest series producer, excited over Rev controller - but could the series be Nintendo bound?

With the likes of Hideo Kojima and Peter Molyneux lining up to extoll the virtues of Nintendo's Revolution controller, Dragon Quest's long-serving producer Yuji Horii is in good company, it seems.

Horii fielded a question at Square-Enix's European launch event for the hugely successful Dragon Quest VIII in London last week, revealing more than a bit of pent-up excitement for Nintendo's unique input device. As reported by website EuroGamer, Horii told journalists in attendance: "When I was making Manga, I met up with the technology of computer games. I loved the fact that it was interactive, that you do something and you get feedback. I thought that an interactive story where you get feedback and rewards from everything that you do would be interesting."

"I like the idea of interactivity with the hardware," he continued, "so there, where you mention the Nintendo controller, it's a new interface, and it's exciting to have that reaction. You do something, and it reacts to you. It's human nature that to have some feedback from your actions is rewarding."

Interestingly, the press notes handed out at the event also contained an intriguing "TBA" next to the question "Are there any plans to release this title on different platforms or game consoles?". But whether Yorii's undoubted enthusiasm for Nintendo's next-gen hardware could spell the arrival of the Dragon Quest series on the Revolution sometime in the future remains to be seen.