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The Movies gives out the gongs

Lionhead's movie game heads to the Sundance Film Festival, Christmas competition winners announced

We'd all like to think we can do a better job of movie directing than Uwe Boll but now, thanks to Lionhead's spiffing new awards ceremony at the Sundance Film Festival this year, we've got the chance to prove it.

According to The Reporter, the 'Chrysler in the Movies: Virtual Film Competition' will be kicking off at Sundance later this week. As yet there's no way to submit your movie entries, but we're promised that the winner of the competition will be awarded a brand new Chrysler Crossfire at this year's E3 show, worth a stonking $42,000.

Also announced today were the winners of Lionhead's Christmas competition. Taking the top spot is a touching little film creatively titled Every Christmas To 2005, by Cimmerz, in which a young man remembers all of his past festive escapades. If they're anything like ours, then this movie is likely unsuitable for young children.