Rainbow Six: Lockdown PC demo deployed

Slip into your Kevlar body armour and slap a magazine home as a taster of the tactical shooter blasts in

Ubisoft has released a demo of the PC version of Rainbow Six: Lockdown, giving fans the chance to dip a battle-hardened toe into the latest instalment in the tactical shooter series. The demo - weighing in at 532Mb - features one single-player mission and one multiplayer map.

The single-player mission is set in South Africa, featuring Normal and Challenge difficulty modes, and enables you to go tactical in co-op. The multiplayer map can be played in Team Adversarial game mode. Of the 42 weapons that'll be in the full game, 17 are available in the demo (along with all the equipment and grenades being available in both single-player and multiplayer Lockdown). Plus, Ubisoft says that the Custom Character Creation and usage is available in multiplayer.

You can grab the demo here.