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Pre-order RF Online, get on the beta train

Pick up the pre-order pack in stores and get a soundtrack CD, postcards, stickers and guaranteed access to the beta

If you still find yourself waking up every morning gazing into the infinite horizon of another empty pointless day, with nothing to fill the slowly eroding seconds but the occassional fart and a bit of Richard and Judy, then you're the ideal candidate for MMORPGs. Of course, even if your life is one big dizzy social whirl, you can just do what we do and abandon all your previous engagements, drop your friends at the last minute and generally stick a finger up at civilisation so you can grab an extra half hour wearing a dress with a wand in your hand.

Which is our hellishly long-winded way of introducing the fact that Codemasters has announced pre-order packs for its forthcoming MMORPG RF Online. If you really do have enough time in your schedule for another MMORPG, then it seems you might do a lot worse than the RF Online's unique mix of fantasy and sci-fi conventions.


What's more, if you pick up the pre-order pack now in stores - containing a soundtrack CD, three faction postcards and a bunch of faction-specific stickers - you'll get guaranteed access to the beta before the rest of the world. David Solari, Codemasters' Director of Online Gaming, had this to say about the whole thing, bless him: "Seeing the RF Online pre-order packs hit retail is an amazing sight and something we've been looking forward to. We're excited to see the impact these packs have on the beta test and hope that everyone who purchases them will exercise their exclusive right to enter the beta."

RF Online is set to launch this February but, in the meantime, you can check out some new shots on this page.