Counter-Strike: Militia gets a face-lift

The prettiest Counter-Strike: Source map ever casts off into the vast Internet ocean - hook it up now

CS_Militia is officially our most favourite Counter-Strike map ever; the roof sniping, the sewer stand-offs, the polygonal turd - we love it all. Thanks to some lavish new graphical upgrades, Militia is now also the prettiest Counter-Strike map ever.

The new version of CS_Militia is now smouldering on Valve's Steam service and is looking better than ever. As well as some minor layout changes, the map has undergone a massive graphical upgrade featuring HDR lighting effects that have us drooling at our keyboards.

So what are you waiting for? Get on Steam and wallow in CS_Militia's overpowering beauty. We're going to have a very unsociable lunch break today...