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Dragon Quest VIII spits fire in new screens

Square-Enix's legendary RPG series is heading to Europe this April and we've got some new screens to celebrate

Of all the games we remember hearing about during the dark ages of our youth, eager faces illuminated in the eerie phosperous glow of our PC screens while we poured over tantalising screenshots, Dragon Quest remained the most elusive.

Despite being one of the most popular franchises in Japanese videogames history, it's taken almost ten years for the series to see light of day in Europe. Now however, Square-Enix is ramping up to deliver the sublime-looking Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King to gamers on these shores.

Reports on the game are suggesting we're in for something very special indeed when the title arrives on PS2 this April. In heady anticipation of Dragon Quest VIII's release, here's a whole bunch of gorgeous new screens for your viewing pleasure.

Sorry, no jokes today. That's your lot.