Game on for Buzz! follow-up

Sony pushes the big red button, makes a scary 'bzzzzzzt' sound and reveals Buzz!: The BIG Quiz

Buzz!: The Music Quiz has been a big success on PS2 (you could say it pushed all the right buttons - ho ho), which is no doubt why Sony has announced a follow-up to the original trigger-finger flexer.

Buzz!: The BIG Quiz tests the might of your general knowledge, covering all manner of topics including film, sport and music. To spice up proceedings, the game utilises all manner of multimedia hocus pocus such as picture, audio and video clips. Apparently, there'll be plenty of questions about game show host Buzz's celebrity friends too. Fab.

Sony's further revealed that The BIG Quiz also adds more chances for contestants to rob each others' hard-earned points, a new round named Hitman up to support for up to eight players into the mix.

Buzz!: The BIG Quiz is out in March.