Lost Planet

It's not really lost, it's just waiting to be discovered

Ha! Not a game based on the exploits of Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen as you may imagine (er, okay - Ed), Lost Planet is a sci-fi action-adventure title from the minds that created Onimusha and Devil May Cry.

Players take control of the protagonist who must battle against his fellow humans in their mechs and deserted cities, as well as the monstrous indigenous creatures and a race of invading aliens. Moreover, the hostile world you inhabit is snow-locked, full of treacherous terrain and vast empty expanses where vehicles are a must. Snowstorms whip across the tundra, creating mountains of ice and vast snowfields to traverse. Add in some weird technology that's been implanted in your arm, a beautiful sidekick and a mysterious older man, and you've got to worry about the chances of mankind surviving the war.


Support for Xbox Live has been promised as well, thankfully, with a variety of online battles including co-op play. The choice of weapons depends on whether you're on foot or in a mech, and range from a simple machine-gun to twin Gatling guns and rocket launchers. Throw in drivable vehicles as well, and this could challenge Halo 3 offline and online.

Lost Planet looks to be an epic in the traditions of Halo, with astounding areas to explore, gorgeous animation, knockout detail, unique enemies and a backstory that'll keep you playing until hell freezes over. Which, on the evidence of this game, probably won't be too long.