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WINMAU World Darts II

Look what you could've won

I've seen some pointless things in my time. Protective crowd fences at a Delia Smith live cookery show. The second halves of any England friendly. ITV2. But a simulated darts game that requires you to own an actual dartboard in order to take your turn, then asks you to simply enter your scores (no cheating now!) while a computer player throws randomly at a semi-3D board is right up there.

Unfair, as there is a virtual throw mode, akin to the mouse-swing methods seen in most modern golf games, which does sort of work once you get the hang of it. But mostly there is little to interest either the casual darts fan - who would be far better off popping down the local ale emporium and having a game for real (especially now they're open all night long, hooray for Blair's continentalstyle Britain) - or the hardcore darts fanatic, who will already have a basement decked out with board, oche, fake bar and rack of peanuts obscuring a poster of a 1985-era Page Three girl.


Oh, don't be swayed by the fact it seems to have a PC ZONE 'endorsement' on the box. "As featured in..." essentially refers to the Reality Check we ran months ago. Hardly the most ringing endorsement. Basically, buy a dartboard. I've heard Winmau sells them.

The verdict

Bad darts