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Ninety-Nine Nights

We take a sneak peek at N3, the explosive new 360 battler from Q-Entertainment with N3's producer Sang Youn Lee

Ninety-Nine Nights producer Sang Youn Lee is a master of fantasy, having worked on legendary titles such as Blade Warrior, Forgotten Saga and the Kingdom Under Fire series.

In the awe-inspiring world of Ninety-Nine Nights (or N3), goblins and humans once lived in harmony, balanced by a powerful magical artefact known as The Orb. When The Orb is destroyed, war breaks out between the races and you follow the battle from both sides. "There is no absolute good and evil in this war," says Sang Youn Lee. "I wanted to explore how members of each side struggle to survive and fulfil their own version of justice."

1 PHOENIX IN FLAMES: Inphyy isnít a lady thatís easily intimidated, not even when she fi nds herself surrounded by hundreds of goblins. Her Special Orb attack launches her into the air, transforming her momentarily into a fiery phoenix. Itís magic!

Comparisons between N3 and the Kingdom Under Fire series will inevitably be drawn, but N3 is much more biased towards action rather than strategy. It's possible to get through the game using skill and brute force alone, but character customisation has been included to appease hardened RPG addicts. Each hero has a unique arsenal of special attacks, divided into categories based on their destructive strength. The most powerful attack class known as 'Orb Spark' can steamroll hundreds of enemies in one strike. It feels awesome to have this potency at your fingertips.

N3 looks so beautiful, it's instantly climbed to the top-flight of our most-wanted games. If you've got a copy of the latest Official Xbox 360, you can use your disc access code to access the Readers Only section at -where there's a full interview with San Youn Lee, and loads of exquisite new screens!