Nintendo's Mother 3 gets date in Japan

Nintendo's cult-classic RPG series gets a Japanese release. Now, can we have the whole lot over here please?

Europe's been left in the dark regarding Nintendo's Mother series (or Earthbound in the US). In fact, the only glimpse of the game we've been given has been a playable Mother character in the popular Smash Bros. games. Despite this, the series has managed to muster a massive fan-following in Europe (thanks to import) and many are eagerly awaiting the overdue GBA sequel, Mother 3.

On a post on his website, Mother creator Shigesato Itoi has announced the Japanese release date of April 16. "We'll be doing an official announcement pretty soon, but this is the "final" date," said Itoi. "Once the release date is set, there are no more additions of new specs or anything like that. We'll no longer be able to fiddle around with anything in the game, unless it's something especially important. It makes me a little sad, but I can't be selfish."

He continued: "Since it's GameBoy Advance software, that naturally means that you'll also be able to play it on the Nintendo DS that everyone's so crazy about these days."

So there you have it, after 10 years of waiting, Mother fans will finally get their sequel. There's no official word on a Western release yet, but given the series' massive underground following in Europe and the US, we'd be surprised if Nintendo didn't bring the game at least to the States at the very least.