Miller: 'Rev could be N's last console'

3D Realms CEO does some next-gen crystal ball gazing and reveals even star devs can't get their mitts on an Xbox 360

3D Realms CEO Scott Miller has gone on record in his personal blog to record a few thoughts on how he thinks the next generation may well shape up. Miller opened with a rather tongue-in-cheek admission, writing, "Many people have asked me to comment about the next-gen consoles, and frankly I have nothing enlightened to say."

However, Miller then went to predict that he thought that the Xbox 360 would certainly gain ground on PS3 and that Nintendo would almost certainly lose ground, even suggesting the end might be nigh for the big N, and the Revolution could be its final entry as a console manufacturer and platform holder. Miller said: "My prediction for this new round of consoles is that the X360 and PS3 will wind up about equal in terms of sales, with Nintendo's Revolution coming in a distant third - perhaps this will be the last console from this company."


Although that prediction seems a touch harsh and ignores Nintendo's success in the handheld space, Miller said he thought the 360 would catch the PS3 for two main reasons: "The X360 gains ground on the PS3 this cycle by virtue of two points: 1.) Xbox Live rocks (from what I've heard - again, no first-hand experience). 2.) The X360 has a big head start over the PS3." But Miller did suspend judgement on the Revolution's controller saying, "Finally, I cannot comment on the Revolution's controller until I try one."

Still, even Microsoft's platform didn't escape some criticism from Miller, whose company is heavily involved with excellent FPS prospect Prey for the console. Seems even being a key developer for the platform isn't a guarantee of getting your paws on an actual console, with Miller writing: "I can't find an X360 to buy in stores, and we have yet to get a development machine sent from Microsoft even though Prey is being developed for their system."

Miller certainly makes some intriguing assertions, but that barb about the Revolution being the last Nintendo console is certain to grab all the headlines. You can catch up with more of Scott Miller's thoughts in our recent interview with the CEO head honcho where he lets us know why Prey is going to change the face of the first-person shooter genre forever.

Of course, if you think he's right about the Rev or think he's indeed actually got 'nothing enlightened to say', let us know in the forums below.