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Sam Raimi sounds Siren for new game movie

Evil Dead and Spider-Man director set to bring Sony's Forbidden Siren survival horror to the big screen

Something funny seems to have happened of late. After years of horrific, trauma-inducing movie adaptations stretching all the way back to Super Mario Bros. and Street Fighter (let's not even mention the more recent Uwe Boll theatre of travesty), more and more big - and actually talented - Hollywood names seem to be getting involved behind the scenes with game-to-screen projects.

Now, joining the likes of Halo's Peter Jackson, Silent Hill's Christophe Gans and Prince of Persia's Jerry Bruckheimer, Evil Dead and Spider-Man director has stepped up to take on producer duties for a US adaptation of Sony's Forbidden Siren survival horror (also known as just plain old Siren outside Europe).

Variety magazine is reporting that Raimi's Ghost House Pictures has acquired the Western rights to the game (a Japanese movie is also set for release in 2006) and shooting will begin later this year.

Apparently the film follows an American medical student as she searches for her missing sister in the remote Japanese village of Hanuda. Needless to say, lots of mysterious wailing sirens and boiling red seas will probably ensue.

Colour us intrigued at this point in time - we're all fans of Raimi's directorial work in the office, so we're hoping he can do this one proud. Admittedly though, the last two horror films he produced (The Grudge and The Boogeyman, in case you're interested) were a bit rubbish, so we're not holding a breath too much.