Nintendo: Our new DS is a'wight!

Sleeker, smaller, sexier, whiter - after weeks of speculation the Nintendo DS Lite is here!

Famistu broke the rumours, added fuel to the fire and Nintendo of America and Europe either flatly denied it or skirted around the issue. Now though, Nintendo of Japan has finally unveiled its redesigned DS - the Nintendo DS Lite - and a lovely thing it is too.

Clearly designed to compliment the upcoming Revolution, the new look DS does away with the ugly lumps and bumps of the handheld's first iteration, offering a sleeker, sexier design that's apparently two thirds the size of the original and 20 percent lighter.

By way of comparison, Nintendo's first DS measured 148.7 x 84.7 x 28.9 mm, while the new Lite comes in at 133.0 x 73.9 x 21.5 mm. Meanwhile the handheld now weighs 218 grammes instead of the earlier 275.


From a functionality perspective, it seems the only real difference comes in the shape of new, higher quality screens. As with the company's recently released Game Boy Micro, the new DS will feature adjustable brightness levels, totalling five different settings.

Aesthetically, the DS Lite features a glossy white finish and shifts around a couple of the original's buttons. It looks like Start and Select are now placed directly below the diamond buttons, the microphone is now positioned between each screen and the power/wi-fi lights have taken up residence on the upper right hinge. The biggest mystery at the moment concerns the shoulder buttons, as the released promo shot gives no indication of size or placement.

Nintendo's DS Lite is set for release on March 2 in Japan with the company's European arm merely stating that we can expect firmer details on a European and North American appearance "in the future". Of course, if you can't wait till then you could always do what we're doing and get yourself one on import.