Lorra Lara love on PSP

Exclusive content for the PSP version of Tomb Raider: Legend, plus spring date given by Eidos

Eidos' PSP version of forthcoming Lara Croft adventure Tomb Raider: Legend will feature content exclusive to the platform.

Although the publisher isn't divulging full details, it's revealed that while the handheld iteration is based largely on Legend on PS2, it boasts additional game modes as well as "a host of Bonus Reward Content." We can only imagine what shape this content will take at the moment, but despite that Eidos' announcement has still left us with a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. Although to be fair that may actually be down to the Chelsea Bun we ate at lunch time.

Interestingly, amidst Eidos' minor bombshell on Legend on PSP is word that the version is due out this spring. A recent financial report from the publisher had the game pencilled in for summer 2006, so it's been brought forward it seems. Hooray!

Tomb Raider: Legend is the initial offensive in a battle plan to reinvigorate the series and restore it to its former glory. Promising a welcome return to the much-loved series' roots (okay except Angel of Darkness), initial viewings have certainly been promising and we also managed to get an extensive chat with producer Morgan W Gray, which has a host of further gory details.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Legend is also releasing on PS2, PC, Xbox and Xbox 360.