The Outfit

Relic's intriguing looking WWII shooter has its multiplayer credentials examined - and they're tighter than a pig in a box

In the Outfit, FU are Field Units, the artificial currency of war that you accrue by blowing the crap out of everything and taking possession of as many control points on the map as you can muster your AI team to capture. Think Battlefield 2 meets The Dirty Dozen. During the awesome multiplayer mayhem, FU fuel your strategy, funding the acquisition of tanks, jeeps, fixed machine-guns, artillery pieces and more - all airdropped in for you to place defensively around bases or take forward against the enemy in offensive actions.

Relic has made The Outfit, which will be enjoyed most on Xbox Live, as open to multiplayer needs as it could possibly be. It's World War II, so obviously every match is Axis versus Allies, but up to eight players can join a single fray split between these factions, and this eight-player support spans split-screen and System Link too. So two players sharing one Xbox 360 and TV can simultaneously compete in an Xbox Live battle. Of course, on top of the eight human players there will be dozens more AI support troops for players to command with simple use of the D-pad.


Rather than taking the easy option, Relic has rustled up 12 unique maps for multiplayer, so you'll see no repetition of the levels completed in the single-player game. You can play multiplayer as Axis as well as Allies, choosing your lead character from a cast of two Nazi generals and a female Nazi officer (Morder, Von Beck and Nina), each with different attributes and weapon sets.

Relic's support for The Outfit after its spring 2006 release promises to be as firm as Nina's titanium-padded Wonderbra. A Relic team will continue to work on new downloadable content for a minimum of a year post-launch. New multiplayer maps will be available from launch through the Marketplace, and later new weapons, vehicles and even single-player campaigns will be provided. The game will ship with 16 decal packs to customise your multiplayer vehicles, and more will become available in the Marketplace. If you thought Battlefield 2 on Xbox was comprehensive, then The Outfit on Xbox 360 is going to blow your bunker!