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Analyst predicts Revolution at $200

Latest analyst predictions indicate Nintendo's new console will be a steal. Also, when will we see Xbox 360s in stores again?

There's nothing quite like a hard-faced analyst report to brighten up our morning, and today we've got a good 'un. Perennial US analyst PJ McNealy predicts among other things that the Nintendo Revolution will retail for significantly cheaper than its next-gen competitors.

Hardly a ground-shaking prediction we know, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has already stated that the company's next console will be less than the $299 price of the Xbox 360. But PJ McNealy thinks that we could see the Revolution sell for as cheap as $200, giving it a significant financial edge over the Xbox 360 and presumably, the Playstation 3.

Also in McNealy's web of industry guesses is a prediction that we will continue to see a shortage of Xbox 360 consoles stretching in to the summer. McNealy, in his unmatched gaming wisdom, thinks that this will create a surge interest for Microsoft's console. We're not sure what to make of this one, since a large upscale in Xbox 360 game sales has already indicated its reappearance in UK shops. Surely this is a sign of replenishing 360 stock?

Whether any of McNealy's words are much more than inspired guesswork, we simply can't tell. Sure analysts do this sort of thing for a living, but they're not always right. However we do think his Revolution price prediction is in the right ball park to borrow a phrase from our colonial cousins, and expect to see the console at a significantly cheaper price tag than the Xbox 360.

We will no doubt have more analyst shenanigans for you in the near future.