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Heroes and Villains get Destiny Manifest

Details splurged on the latest update for the 'City of' MMORPG pair, which includes new zones, missions and power sets

NCSoft Europe's announced that April will see the release of the latest update for City of Heroes and City of Villains. Called Issue #7: Destiny Manifest, it's free to subscribers and features content geared toward high-level players. New zones Grandville and Recluse's Victory (featuring Lord Recluse himself, it says here), will be included and accompanied by new missions, new power sets, costume options and base features and even an improved graphics engine.

A visit to the official internet splash on Destiny Manifest reveals that a good portion of the game content focuses on Villains. The new Grandville zone, for example, is for CoV only, as are new Patron Power Pools, new Power Sets and Mayhem Missions, which allow players to "Take villainy to the streets of Paragon City with tense new timed missions among destructible environments, which also unlock multiple random events."

This is Lord Recluse himself. Fear the power of his evil tentacley things

Heroes need not cry into their goody-two-shoes capes though, because they'll get to uphold law and justice in PvP zone Recluse's Victory (which is also heading to CoV), enjoy the new base features and new Quality of Life features (a grand way of saying "New Global Chat and UI features improve the overall 'City of' experience") and the graphical improvements. We imagine too that the new costume options will be for City of Heroes as well as City of Villains, but details on that part of the update have yet to be spilled.