RF Online beta kicks into action

Sci-fi-meets-fantasy MMORPG starts getting thrashed around in preparation for release

Codemasters has whipped out its trumpet and is parping out a fanfare to celebrate the commencement of the RF Online beta test. Over the next four weeks, the MMORPG that swirls together fantasy and sci-fi will be thrashed around by 50,000 geeks to ensure everything is rock solid for the game's full release at the end of February (according to our maths degree, this means the beta test and full launch will overlap).

If you applied for the beta test and have been selected, then all being well you should have already been notified by Codemasters. If you didn't apply but feel the urge to get in on the action, then there a still a few slots available. You can apply to participate by registering via the beta sign-up form on the game's official site


Those folks in the RF Online (the 'RF' stands for Rising Force, by the way) beta get to create a character from one of the game's factions and engage in big battles that can apparently feature thousands of players.