Hands-on: Urban Chaos: Riot Response

We join law enforcement T-Zero in its fight against violent city gangs

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Urban Chaos's riot shield shows increasing signs of damage as the game progresses (it'll never succumb to destruction though), which is something Eidos made a pretty bit thing of when it was sitting by watching us tackle The Burners in the first level. Fair enough, but far more impressive to us was the fact that, when employing the shield and blocking shots, bullets and especially shotgun blasts caused some real pushback. It's a small point, but it's nice to see it implemented, and it's the kind of attention to detail that we were pleased to note developer Rocksteady had given to the opening level throughout. And that's that.


So did we enjoy our time spent with Urban Chaos: Riot Response? Yes, actually, we did. Did it deliver a solid action experience? Pretty much, yes. Dabbling with the first level, the important first-person shooter staples loud and obtrusive guns and plenty of carnage were certainly in evidence too and, considering all this, we're interested to see how the final game turns out. It's not due on PS2 and Xbox till next quarter so it's a little way off yet, but we'll no doubt be wrestling with our shields and polishing our helmets once again, come review time.

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