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Prey for your Xbox 360!

Dance on the ceiling! We've got hot details on the Xbox 360 version of Prey

If you've just emerged from under a rock and have missed all the coverage on Prey, then believe us when we tell you that this is one FPS that's going to rock your world. Prey is heading to PC and is also set to emerge on Xbox 360 - and we've got the exclusive first details on the next-gen console version.

Prey on Xbox 360 is being ported by UK developer Venom. The PC iteration might have received most of the attention recently, but the console version is closer to its keyboard cousin in progress than you may think. Prey 360 is currently only three weeks behind the latest PC build, graphically running in pixel-perfect unison with the PC version, with an apparently smooth framerate.

Feature-wise, Prey is set to take advantage of Xbox Live, with online play and gamer score achievements fully integrated in to the game. In an early level of Prey there are several Black Jack and Pac Man-style arcade machines for the player to mess around with, which in the Xbox 360 version of the game will unlock achievements for the player.

We're promised that Prey for Xbox 360 will be released simultaneously with its PC counterpart too, and with the game fast approaching completion, you haven't got long to wait.

Check back later today for our latest, full hands-on report on the PC version of Prey.