Get free admission to The Movies

Financially destitute directors-in-waiting can now try Lionhead's latest in a new downloadable demo

If you missed Lionhead's excellent Hollywood simulator The Movies - and shame on you if you did - then you can now sample it for free in the game's newly-released downloadable demo.

Weighing in at an ample 285 MB, the demo provides an generous introduction to The Movies' story mode, in which you're guided through the cut-throat world of Hollywood and trained in building and managing all aspects of a working studio - all in a bid to become the utlimate movie mogul.

More info on The Movies - alongside a massive archive of player-created movies - can be found over at the game's official site. A word of warning though; if you play this demo you're probably going to want to shell out for the full game. Which was probably the point all along.