New Odama screens roll in

Sample Vivarium's bizarre samurai-pinball game in these brand new GameCube screenshots

Odama is a unique-looking GameCube game that's been floating around for a while. Since we first saw it almost two years ago, various gameplay features including microphone support have been added, and the game has been polished extensively. However it looks like Odama is finally about to be unleashed, with these new screenshots showing off the final version of the game.

Odama is a bizarre coupling of a Samurai military RTS and a straight-forward pinball game. As your soldiers wage war on the battlefield, you're tasked with using a giant ball or 'Odama' to blast enemy strongholds and squash hostile armies. With microphone support used to send out orders to your troops, Odama is looking set to be one of the most original games of the year.

Odama is set to roll onto British soil on March 31 - you might just have to dust off your GameCube to play it.