Nintendo teases with Mother 3 media

First ever media released of the long-awaited RPG sequel. No screenshots though - bummer.

It's been a very long time since we last sampled the world of Nintendo's Mother series (or 'Earthbound' to the West). Thanks to the cancellation of the 64 version, the RPG series has been missing in action for over a decade. But Mother fans, your time has come; today is the day the first ever media from the long-awaited GBA sequel Mother 3 hits ye olde internet. After ten years we finally have... (drum roll please) a single MP3.

Perhaps not the media explosion we expected, considering the game is hitting Japan in less than two months time, but for love-starved Mother loyalists this MP3 is a tiny piece of heaven. The master plan of those teasing scamps at Nintendo is to trickle out Mother 3 media and info on the game's official website, running up to its Japanese release on April 20. We're not sure how long we'll have to wait for some proper screenshots, but we do like the look of those immaculately-wrapped presents.

There's no news of a Western release date for Mother 3, and the series has never officially reached Europe, but considering its huge fan following in the West we'd be surprised if we don't see Mother 3 in UK stores this year. In the mean time, listen to some rather civilised Mother 3 music.