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The Movies canned on consoles

PS2, Xbox and GameCube versions of Lionhead's movie mogul opus axed due to lower than expected sales on PC

Despite launching to widespread critical claim, Peter Molyneux and Lionhead's Hollywood sim, The Movies, has seen less-than-stellar sales figures - proving once again that the general gaming public really doesn't know what's good for them. The up side of this is that all of you who've bought the game can feel incredibly smug, waving the banner for quality gaming goodness everywhere.

Unfortunately, it seems that the game's lower-than-expected sales have resulted in the canning of all planned consoles versions of The Movies. The news was broken by Activision execs during their quarterly financial conference call.

The Movies was due to hit PS2, Xbox and GameCube once the PC version had been completed, but news of the console versions has been conspicuously absent of late - and, um, now we know why. It looks like we'll have to splash out on that hideously over-powered PC after all now. Shame.