One game + three names = chaos

Eidos' forthcoming counter-gang FPS has finally settled on a name, after two aborted monikers. It's due soon, though

Eidos' has officially announced first-person shooter Urban Chaos: Riot Response, which was formerly known as Roll Call initally and then Zero Tolerance.

Heading to Xbox, PS2 and PC, Urban Chaos: Riot Response will reach the US this spring with, presumably, the European launch scheduled more or less concurrently.

Gamers of a certain age may well remember Urban Chaos, a gritty third-person action-adventure effort released originally for the PC in 1999 and then ported to PlayStation and Dreamcast, on which platforms it received a kicking, leading to the demise of developer Mucky Foot in 2003.

Urban Chaos: Riot Response, happily, has little in common with its less-than-illustrious namesake. It casts you as Nick Mason - not the car-collecting Pink Floyd drummer - but a member of the T-Zero counter-gang unit, who fights alongside firemen, paramedics and emergency teams in a bid to quell, er, urban chaos.

We recently had the opportunity to get hands-on with the first level of Urban Chaos: Riot Response, and you can read our initial impressions right here.