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Unlimited new shots from sunny Hawaii

Shiny new pix depicting Atari's ambitious, free-roaming Hawaiian-set driving game, Test Drive Unlimited.

Atari's ambitious free-roaming Xbox 360 driving game, Test Drive: Unlimited, is still saddled with a vague "Spring 2006" launch date. But the publisher has thrown a bone to those of us developing itchy feet while waiting for it by releasing six sexy new screenshots.

Test Drive Unlimited's USP is that it features an accurate, comprehensive model of the entire Hawaiian island of Oahu - all rendered in the startlingly life-like manner you would expect from Microsoft's next-gen console. Players can kick back and cruise around the virtual Hawaii - the perfect antidote to being stuck in a typical UK gridlock - or take on a variety of missions starting at specific locations, in some of the most exotic sheet metal known to mankind.

Test Drive Unlimited promises to be particularly attractive over Xbox live, as it manages to bring MMO sensibilities to a driving game.